Why Me?

I’m the English PhD who speaks IT. As a professional B2B copywriter and content marketer, I specialize in creating digital marketing assets for information technology service providers. I help you translate complex technical concepts into ideas that sell.

Are you looking for a writer with:

years of experience enabling computer scientists and engineers to better communicate with audiences outside their fields?

As a technical editor, I’ve helped researchers in IT and engineering publish in prestigious peer-reviewed journals, win grants and start-up funding from venture capitalists, and get papers accepted at top conferences. I understand the importance of accuracy. But I also know how to infuse discussions of technical topics with excitement, enthusiasm and fun.

a true passion for engineering and computing technology?

Not all writers were born with a love for electronics and engineering. But I grew up creating and soldering together circuits in my garage (with my father, a mechanical engineer). I built my first desktop computer from scratch, assembling the motherboard, storage devices, memory cards and other components into an old-fashioned tower case. I’ve moonlighted as a computer network maintenance technician, and studied the basics of CS in college.

advanced professional training in the art (and science) of storytelling?

I hold a doctorate in English—the academic study of how words convey meaning. This means I’m skilled in understanding the nuances of language—whether it’s website copy or poetry, marketing content or narrative fiction, sales letters or classical rhetoric—and making it work for you.

a friendly personality along with an ironclad work ethic?

I’m reliable and easy to work with. There will be no stress over deadlines (I always meet them), no budget surprises (I use simple project-based pricing), and no learning curve. Instead you get polished, professional content—words that engage, persuade and convert.

If you’d like to learn more about using content marketing to generate leads and drive results, get in touch today!