Line Editing and Proofreading

For all the importance of visual design elements today, words continue to be the main currency of the Internet. Are yours polished? Do they shine?

You wouldn’t wear a shabby suit to give the most important presentation of your career, and you shouldn’t dress your ideas in grammatically incorrect prose. Because mistakes don’t merely make you look sloppy or careless. They don’t just obscure your intelligence, or stand in the way of the clarity of your thoughts.

In fact, if you aren’t certain about how your words should be ordered, if you’re not confident about your use of a hyphens or an apostrophe, if you can’t tell a comma splice from a run-on sentence, you risk losing control of your meaning.

And if you lose control of your meaning, you can’t convey your message.

Don’t take chances. Keep your messaging on track by hiring a copy editor who is experienced, professional and precise.


Developmental Editing

Do you have a book manuscript that’s almost excellent? Are you struggling to organize it, to complete it, or to make it as good as you know it could be?

As a developmental editor, I’ll meticulously review your full manuscript and offer suggestions for large-scale or global changes.

Together we’ll strengthen your argument, eliminate repetition, and refine the book’s overall structure. We’ll make sure the book is neither too long nor too short, and we’ll adjust its tone to resonate with your target audience.

These are the kinds of changes that will improve your chances of finding an agent or landing a contract with a publisher, should that be your goal.

Contact me today for a free consultation about how I can help make your words perfect.