What makes your IT services and solutions great can also make them hard to understand.

You need a writer who can translate your engineering expertise into marketing materials that will engage audiences without technical backgrounds.

That’s where I can help!

I highlight the stories that matter most to your clients: drawing attention to the heroism inherent in cybersecurity, the freedom from worry that comes with top-notch disaster-recovery planning, and the ingenuity required to select the best hardware and software for their business needs. 

And I tell these stories in ways that will resonate with your audience—whether you’re targeting CTOs/CIOs (who need data and facts) or SMB owners and administrators (who want solutions that work for them with a minimum of effort and fuss).

Learn more about my background or the services I offer today!

"The computer only gives back ourselves. It is a faithful mirror that reflects the human traits that are brought to it.” ― William Barrett